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ÅF Aries Energía: “The real experience is the key for a good Consulting and OE services”.

CGSEDC 50MW Delingha, first Project started in the Demonstration Projects, is in execution with a scheduled starting of commercial operation in April 2018, some months before the deadline placed for the demonstration plants.

The project is placed in Delingha area with special climatologic characteristics and the center point for solar thermal energy in China (including some of demonstration projects).

Since the beginning in 2015, ÅF Aries Energía has been involved in the supporting of the project execution as Project Consultant (Owner’s Engineer), including in its scope of works, among others, the supporting during tendering process for the selection of EPC contractors and the main equipment, the full revision of engineering and the supervision of the works execution on site.

_MG_0263 Hugo Cachafeiro

Hugo Cachafeiro, OE project manager, has declared that “CGSEDC 50MW Delingha is a pioneer project that will become the reference for future solar power plants. Besides, local EPC contractors and local suppliers are facing the project execution being a future reference for the technology in China”.

Hugo Cachafeiro informs that “the activity in which  will be placed the main efforts the next months is the execution of the solar field using a challenging program for performing the works in Qinghai’s winter. The winter in these locations, typical in Chinese CSP project sites, causes cold areas with periods in which special strategies are necessary to be implemented”.

In December 2016, it was announced the acquisition of Aries by the Swedish company ÅF, becoming in ÅF Aries Energía. The new company counts with the same staff and internals capacities (increased with the support of ÅF Group). ÅF Aries has experience in Technical Advisory and Owner’s engineering for Solar Thermal Projects in more than 1.5 GW and has been involved in more than 6,000 MW of CSP developments worldwide comprising parabolic trough, central receiver and Fresnel technologies.


Ralf Wiesenberg

Dr. Ralf Wiesenberg ,Managing Director of ÅF Aries Energía, has declared that “The real day-to-day experience of ÅF Aries Energía on site is the key for a good Consulting and OE services. We count with experience in OE services in Spain, South Africa, Morocco and, by now, we are the only foreign company in China providing this service with CGN Delingha 50MW project. China is today, one the most interesting markets for CSP and we want to be part of it”.

source:ÅF Aries Energía


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