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Aerospace Shenzhou receiver tube production line got the acceptance report from CASC

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Updated: 30-July-2015

Currently, Aerospace Shenzhou Solar Industrial Park,the solar receiver tube production line invested by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation(CASC) andChina Academy of Space Technology (CAST)and constructed by TRX Solar Technology (TRX), has got the acceptance report from CASC. TRXfinished installation, commissioning and pilot production, and this acceptance report indicatesthat it has the ability of production and can begin massproduction.

The project assessment members, CASC’s and China North Industries Group Corporation’s experts,analyzedthe construction report of the solar receiver tube production line and inspected the production line on site. They assessed four aspects of the production line: production capacity, document system, quality assurance andfacility safety. Through discussing and questioning, the experts all agreed that the production line got the acceptance: with the instruction from all levels of CASC experts, it has the high quality characteristics endowed with Aerospace products and conformed with“CASC Construction Instruction of Aerospace Production Line”and “CASTConstruction Instruction of Aerospace Production Line”. Every technical, qualification and management documents can be the guideline for production processes and meet the production requirements for quality and quantity.


Photo:Aerospace Shenzhou receiver tube production line

Aerospace Shenzhou Solar Industrial Park, situated at the Hi-Tech Zone of Cangzhou, Hebei, jointly invested by CAST and CASC, is the solar receiver tube line based on aerospace vacuum technology, coating technology and new material technology. Hebei Government largely supported the industrial park thatcan meet the demand for 50000 receiver tubes per year. Moreover, the production line got the support from 863 national projects, theSignificant Scientific Transformation Project of Hebei, or theIndustry Hatching Project awarded by CAST. The key testing equipment and production equipment are self-designed. The product performance achieved international standards. TRX receiver tubes have passed DLR Testing, with absorptance≥96%, emittance≤9% and heat loss<220W/m(at 400ºC).

The completion of acceptance inspection signifies the end of the actual oligopoly of solar receiver tube companies. It is the second solar receiver tube production line with the similar production capacity internationally and the first in China. Its completion will advance the localization process of Chinese solar thermal industry and products with aerospace quality will serve the society much better.

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