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AEI collaborates with TSK in Shagaya’s CSP Plant

ALLIANCE EVER INSPIRING (AEI) has been analyzing the Chinese market for the equipment supply for the projects that the Spanish EPC company TSK ELECTRONICA Y ELECTRICIDAD (TSK) is constructing around the world. As a result of the analysis, TSK and DONGFANG BOILER GROUP have signed a first contract of design, manufacturing and supply of expansion and overflow vessels for the Shagaya CSP Plant located in Kuwait.

AEI will continue the cooperation based on this contract, and will be carrying out the supervision of the supply as well as the follow up of the whole process from KoM to final delivery. “To do so, AEI has a team of professionals able to inspect the factory, prepare progress reports and participate in resolving any incident, as well as facilitate the communication and the correct understanding between the two companies” states Ms. Qian Lin, responsible of AEI for this project.


The Chinese market of the energy sector has numerous highly qualified and capable suppliers that can offer competitive products to the international market. However, very few contracts have been signed in this sector up to now. AEI is intended to change this situation and to find synergies between both sides that lead to business opportunities for EPC companies and suppliers. It is obvious that this kind of business relationship has great potential and AEI´s mission is to bring it forward, make it viable, sustainable and successful.

AEI believes great alliances can generate invincible competitiveness in global markets. AEI was founded with the purpose of facilitating the relation and creating synergy between Chinese and Spanish companies. Therefore, our vocation is to work as a bridge between the two countries improving the communication between companies in its largest sense.

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