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247Solar and Masen ink agreement for first operational Next-generation CSP plant
zlj | 247Solar Inc. | 2019-08-02 15:34:44    

On July 31th, USA  247Solar Inc., developer of the breakthrough 247Solar Plant, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to build its first operational demonstration plant in Ouarzazate, Morocco, in collaboration with Masen, the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy. Masen is responsible for managing renewable energy in Morocco, with a goal to secure 52% of the country’s energy mix from renewable sources by 2030.  

The demonstration project will be implemented jointly by Masen and 247Solar in order to contribute to the efficient use and industrialization of renewable energy in Morocco, by means of establishing, demonstrating, and deploying 247Solar technology.  The objective is to jointly evaluate the outcome of the project with a view toward the deployment of larger-scale installations in Morocco and elsewhere.

The demonstration Plant will be constructed at Masen’s NoorOuarzazate Complex, the world’s largest  multi-technology solar facility in operation (580MW). Siting is approved and the demonstration Plant is expected to be operating in early 2020.

“This represents a turning point for CSP technology as a viable alternative to PV, and hopefully the prospects for low-cost baseload solar power generation worldwide,” says Bruce N. Anderson, CEO. “For the first time, we will be able to demonstrate our next generation technologies in operation. We expect that a successful pilot will quickly lead to the adoption of our turnkey system in power projects of all sizes in Morocco and elsewhere around the world.”


About 247Solar Plants

247Solar Plants are a modular, turnkey solution for producing baseload, clean electricity, 24/7, at costs competitive with all other baseload options. They eliminate most disadvantages of conventional CSP, PV, wind, and traditional power technologies with a hot-air-driven Brayton Cycle system that operates at atmospheric pressure and requires no steam, molten salts, or heat transfer oils.

Unlike large, custom-engineered, first-generation CSP projects, 247Solar Plants are standardized modules of 400 kW capacity, scalable from a single Plant off-grid to utility-scale farms of virtually unlimited capacity. 247Solar Plants use factory-made components, most of which can be manufactured locally, with few moving parts, for low maintenance and rapid, low-cost deployment.

The 247Solar Thermal Storage System stores up to 15 hours of the sun’s energy as heat instead of electricity, using simple firebrick or ceramic pellets instead of molten salts for reduced cost and complexity. To guarantee electricity on demand, the Plant’s turbines can also burn a variety of fuels.

247Solar Plants offer outstanding grid reliability and resilience with no requirement for emergency backup. They provide battery-like response to grid voltage and demand fluctuations, mitigating intermittency from other renewables.

The technology was developed by Wilson Solarpower Corp., a spinoff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with initial funding from the US Department of Energy and development assistance from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), WorleyParsons, Fraunhofer Institute, and Saint Gobain.

About 247Solar, Inc.

247Solar, Inc. was formed in 2015 by solar industry pioneer Bruce Anderson to commercialize the 247Solar Plant, invented by Wilson Solarpower Corp., a spinoff of MIT. The company has signed agreements to develop and deploy its technology in China and Sri Lanka, and is in advanced negotiations with power project developers throughout the world, including Nigeria, Indonesia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere. For more information see www.247Solar.com

About Masen

Masen was founded in 2010 and is a major player in Morocco's overall energy strategy. The Company oversees implementation of the country’s renewable energy program aiming to achieve 52 per cent of the national electricity mix from renewable sources, by 2030.

As manager of all integrated renewable energy project aspects ranging from generating electricity to contributing to the local economy and communities, Masen is transforming natural energy into power for progress. www.masen.ma

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