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The 25kW Dish-Stirling CSP system in China has been connected to the grid

Reported from CSPPLAZA: Recently, the 25KW Dish-Stirling concentrated solar power system provided by Orient Honghai New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd., (“Honghai New Energy”in short) for Jiangsu Suzhou Tongli Integrated Energy Service Center (Center in short)has been connected to the grid for power generation, which means that CSP technology is actually …

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Plastic Films to Replace Fragile Glass,HELIOtube Aims towards the Future of Parabolic Trough Plants

Reported from CSPPLAZA: China International CSP Conference & CSPPLAZA 2019 Annual Conference (CPC2019) will be held in Suzhou, China on July 10th~12th. Heliovis will participate in CPC2019 as the Booth Sponsor. Since 1980s when the first batch of commercial parabolic trough solar thermal power plants was built in California, the …

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Assessment of the CSP potential in Botswana

Highlights•Botswana has more than 1800 kWhy−1 of direct normal irradiance (DNI) which exceeds the threshold for economic viability of concentrating solar power (CSP) technology. Botswana has approximately 220,016 km2 of available land to support CSP plants, which represents approximately 38% of the total land area. The largest proportion of available land relative …

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