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Morocco to start full operation of world’s largest concentrated solar power complex in October

Morocco will fully switch on the Noor Ouarzazate complex, the world’s largest solar power plant, in October, said the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy. After launching its first stage in February 2016, the remaining three phases of the complex will become operational by October, said Mustapha Bakkoury, managing director of …

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The people’s Government particularly sponsored China International CSP station conference

Reported from CSPPLAZA:2018 China International CSP station conference is the fifth annual meeting of CSPPLAZA (CPC2018), which will be held at the Beijing International Hotel on June 20~22 day. Up to now, the four major CSP centers :the people’s Government of Delingha; the people’s Government of Aksay; the people’s government …

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CSP industry highly values thermal storage

EIA data shows solar thermal has the lowest capacity factor of all renewables, but adding thermal storage can completely change the picture.  Winter clouds may help the Mojave Desert bloom but they can be a burden for concentrated solar power (CSP), Energy Information Administration figures show. According to the EIA’s …

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13 days/300 people/39 sponsors! Only 3 days left for preferential registration of the hottest CSP conference

Seven days, More than 150 participants, 29 sponsors! Thirteen days, More than 300 participants, 39 sponsors! This is the hottest offline activity in the CSP industry. 2018 China International CSP Conference & CSPPLAZA Fifth Annual Conference (CPC2018), In June of this year, in Beijing, coming! Why is this conference so …

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