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Global CSP Market Layout and Current Project Development Situation


Reported from CSPPLAZA: Xipeng Hu,Chief Editor of CSPPLAZA delivered a speech on the layout and status quo of global CSP during the 2nd Delingha Concentrating Solar Power Session on September 22. He introduces the distribution and development status of global CSP market, and accordingly offers some advice on the development of China’s CSP market. He said that CSP is …

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Power generation from concentrated solar power accounts for 3.6% of total electricity in Spain in September


In September, power generation from concentrated solar power takes up 3.4% of total electricity in Spain. Renewable energies generated 30.3%.  By technologies,wind energy production in September reached 2,764 GWh, up 7% on that of the same month last year, accounting for 15% of total production,while the sources of generation have …

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TSK Acquires Ingeteam’s Power Generation Plant Engineering And Construction Subsidiary


Reported from CSPPLAZA: Recently, TSK has acquired Ingeteam’s power generation plant engineering and construction subsidiary. With this latest acquisition, TSK reinforces its current capacity to deliver electric power generation plants using both renewable and conventional sources. It is the second acquisition of Spanish CSP enterprises this year after Spanish ARIES …

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Core Data Disclosed Initially: How’s The Performance Of China’s First Commercialized Molten Salt Tower CSP Plant After One-year Operation?


Reported from CSPPLAZA:”Up to now, SUPCON Delingha 10MW tower CSP plant has operated stably, and accumulated electric output has steadily increased. It is worth mentioning that the completion rate of electric output of 98.7% reached highest in November, 2016. The plant has operated for 251 days in 2016 with accumulated …

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China ‘s first large-scale commercialized parabolic trough CSP demonstration project has taken shape and is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2017


Reported from CSPPLAZA: It is learned  recently that China Guangdong Nuclear Solar (CGN) Delingha 50MW CSP project, China’s first large-scale commercialized parabolic trough thermal power plant, is now under construction. The installation of the collector (without the collector tubes) of the solar island has been mostly completed and is expected …

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