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Fichtner:Experience of Owner’s Engineer for China 50MW CSP project

Reported from CSPPLAZA: The Fichtner group is Germany’s biggest independent engineering and consultancy enterprise for infrastructure projects,with Project experience in more than 170 countries. Fichtner has been active in the field of CSP technology for more than 30 years. participates more than 130 CSP related projects, mainly as Owner’s Engineer or Technical Advisor. In China,Fichtner has also successfully winned the contract of OE for the Luneng Haixi 50MW CSP project.

On 20~22th, June 2018, in Beijing, China international CSP Conference &CSP Plaza annual conference(CPC2018) was held in Beijing (China), the deputy general manager of the Fichtner, Johannes Kretschmann, participated in the conference and shared experience of the OE for the China CSP project.

The project is located 27 km east of Golmud city (Qinghai province).it is a Part of Haixi multi energy demonstration project, comprising 50MW CSP project, 200MW PV, 400MW wind and battery storage.

Project Overview



The concrete tower is 169 meters high, the absorber height is 14 meters, the heat receiver has a rated capacity of 280MWt, and the molten salt flow rate reaches 560t/h.

In terms of main equipment, Belgian CMI company wins the heat receiver contract, the steam turbine adopts SIEMENS High efficiency double casing reheat turbine,and the Manufacturer solar steam generator: Hangzhou Boiler Group

At present, the project design has been completed, the project site has begun construction, and is expected to be completed in 2019.

The concept of owner engineer is not new at the international level, but there are few cases in China’s CSP project. At the conference, Fichtner also introduced the responsibility of the owner Engineer in detail.

The video of the speech is about 33 minutes long and recommended for viewing.

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