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China International CSP Station Conference & CSPPLAZA 2016 Annual Conference to be held in this coming June

Report from CSPPLAZA


China international CSP Station conference & CSPPLAZA 2016 annual conference (CPC 2016) organized by CSPPLAZA will be held grandly in this coming June in Beijing.

A new record is to be created in scale

It is estimated that there will be over 300 leading companies of CSP industry from abroad and domestic in CPC 2016, over 500 people and the conference area will be expanded to 1,500 square meters, which will renew off-line activity scale and the record of CSP industry.

Both breadth and depth are considered

China CSP Demonstration Projects Development Industry Cooperation Summit (CPM2016) organized by CSPPLAZA 2016 has contributed to how to solve the problems of financing, technology source, selection of partners and some other directive problems at a certain extent, but the issues arrangement was paid much more attention in breadth than depth. Whereas, China International CSP Station Conference & CSPPLAZA 2015 Annual Conference held in June 2015 (CPC 2015) had a preliminary exploration to the development of CSP station.

On the basis of previous two activities, CPC2016 will set the issues detailed through three-day conference arrangement to introduce the whole development process of CSP plant completely and deep and the design of CPC 2016 issues will be in accordance with CSPPLAZA basic principles, professional and pragmatic. Besides, professional speakers from abroad and domestic will be invited and we will strictly control the quality and level of speech. This coming all-round exploration with much more breadth and depth will absolutely bring you a much more valuable experience!

Small-scale exhibition will be designed.

To cater to actual demands of CSP market, CPC 2016 will expand the exhibition area which can also be treated as a small-scale industry exhibition. Exhibitors and the representatives can get much more perceptual cognition through more products exhibition which will make the whole design more abundant and bring more valuable business cooperation opportunities for both the supply and the demand.

Revised version of S-D guide will be published.

The Guide of Important Enterprises and S-D information for China CSP Demonstration Projects Development of 2016 version has been published during CPM 2016 for the first time. Considering some flaws it may have, CSPPLAZA will publish the revised version of guide for CSP industry to bring more valuable information reference for demonstration project development.

China 1 GW CSP Demonstration Projects list and FIT Policy would be public in the first half of 2016 and China begins to enter the stage of demonstration projects development and construction. CPC2016 duly opens in order to meet the real needs of industry development and help to solve the practical problems of demonstration projects development, effectively facilitating deep exchange and cooperation of industrial chain at home and abroad. CPC2016 will continue sticking to principles of pragmatic and professional and be designed in new professional subject with the scale of more than 500 people to make the most productive off-line business platform for CSP industry, sharing feast of China CSP development!

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