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109 project applications compete for 1GW concentrated solar power demonstration projects

Report from CSPPLAZA

On the morning of November 10, almost all the represents of the owner who want to develop Concentrating solar power demonstration projects gather in the China science and technology hall. From 8 am to over 12am, which is more than four hours, total of 109 Concentrating solar power (CSP) demonstration projects have submitted application materials, and exposed the declaration electricity price on the spot.

There is total of 139 projects which have been submitted to the national energy administration by their own provinces. Owning to the number of submited applications are over three, they have to scratch out some projects. At the end , the valid numbers of projects are 124. Until November 10, there are 109 projects have submited their materials. The other 15 projects have been scratched out for the failure of submitting their application materials on time. According to the reports from CSPPLAZA.

In order to conduct the examination and evaluation of projects objectively,equally and publically, they declare the price of 109 projects on the spot. The declaration prices is concentrated on the range of 1.18~1.25yuan. The peak price is 1.5yuan which is belonged to Tibet, while the bottom value is 1.05yuan which is from Ningxia. And it also proves that the previous report released by CSPPLAZA, it predicted that the price of most owners’ projects is concentrated on the level of 1.2yuan.


photo:Liang Zhipeng, Deputy Director of Renewable Energy Division of the National Energy Administration deliverd a speech

Deputy Director of Renewable Energy Division of the National Energy Administration, Liang Zhipeng attends the meeting and delivers a speech, he points out that the three goals of the construction of the demonstration projects,”We not only to construct a batch of demonstration projects, but to promote industrialization of domestic technology and equipment. The two goals are equal level to be achieved.” Meanwhile, Liang Zhipeng also points out the basic requirements to be included into the demonstration projects, that is, “The demonstration projects we select out have to meet the following requirements, first one is to reach to the requirement of recently construction. The second is to promote domestic technology progress and industrialization. The third is the selected projects have to reach its indicators of various technology and economy they have commited when they submit their projects.”

Liang Zhipeng also says,”the initial goals of 13rd Five-year Plan is to reach 10GW of Concentrating solar power (CSP) that has been installed untill 2020. If this batch demonstration projects can’t lay a foundation of large-scale industrialization, our subsequent plans of it have no way to go on. We hope that this batch of demonstration projects can be put into operation successfully in late 2017. And by 2018, we can speed up the development of the CSP industry.”

In the afternoon, the evaluation of demonstration projects will be held by an expert panel which is organized by the general hydropower planning and design institute. This evaluation will last for 5 days or so in China’s science and technology hall. The preliminary shortlist of demonstration projects will be determined till November 15. And then the panel will determine the final price with the price depart of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) according to this shortlist. The final price will be released as well as the final list. All the work is planned to be completed before the end of December this year. According to this, China will clear the policy barriers of demonstration projects in 2015, and will enter the stage of concentration development and construction in 2016.

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