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【Bidding Information】CSIC Urad 100MW Parabolic Trough Project Releases Bidding for Turbine-Generator Unit

Reported from CSPPLAZA: On October 16th, China Shipping Industry Corporation (CSIC) has officially released an open tender of turbine-generator unit for Urad 100MW parabolic trough project. It is stated in the bidding announcement that the date for bid opening will be set on November 6th. And the time for acquiring this announcement will open between 8:30—17:00 (Beijing Time) from October 16th to 20th.

It is stated on the notice that the bidding target is a complete set of turbine-generator (see the 6th part in notice for details) which shall be delivered to the site within 16 months after receiving bid winning letter.

Meanwhile, the following requirements are presented for the bidder qualification:

1. The bidder need to be an independent legal entity registered in China (excluding Hongkong, Taiwan and Macao).

2. The bidder need to be equipped with professional technical qualification, sound after-sale service and the trans-regional supply & distribution capability.

3. In the past 5 years since 2012, the bidder need to make sure that it has supplied reheat condensing turbine(the installed capacity each should be 50MW at least) for two CSP project at least. And the equipment has operated for one year at least.

4. The bidder need to boast thorough quality management system and be licensed by ISO9000 standards.

In addition, turbine agency and integrator bid is allowed (the letter of authorization is needed), while consortium bid is not.

According to previous report from CSPPLAZA, CSIC released tender notice on February for the first time and the bid was open later.  Based on calculations, the bidding price of turbine is between 50 million~80 million CNY (about 7.5 million~12 million USD) and generator between 10 million~18 million CNY (about 1.5 million~2.7 million USD). However, the final result is unknown.

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